Why Every Business Needs a Website & Digital Marketing

Business advertising is a big part of marketing the brand. Creating awareness has evolved from the usual word of the mouth publicity. As the world became smaller, there was a rise in newspaper ads and pamphlets. However, the dot com revolutionary tide gave rise to websites for every business. This trend remained and it advanced to not only provide information for the brand but also to purchase it and experience it. Due to the fierce competition in every sector, a business must utilize every aspect to get ahead .











Simply providing a fulfilling service or a great product is not enough anymore. The business has to expand to include every little thing so as to remain on top of its game. With the onslaught of facebook campaigns and twitter trends, creating a niche for your brand has become even more of a challenge. To survive in this highly competitive business, a business must grab every advantage it gets. Setting up a website is one of the major advantage every brand gets. The world has gone online. Every big and small business is accessible through the internet. Website can be treated as a platform for advertising your business. It can be deemed as the extension of your brand. You can showcase your business with a simple layout. The ideal website design should be simple, interesting and reflect the nature of your business. For example a restaurant’s website should include images of the food prepared , people having fun, images that depict the ambiance and mood of the restaurant. The basic details like the address, opening hours, payment options must be included. The website must be built with a suitable framework as required.It is possible to add a widget to create a form to receive enquiries or orders from your website. A good design and development team can be hired if you want a completely sleek and perfect result. The main point to be remembered is that the website should be mobile friendly, as about 50% of the web traffic is from mobile. If the site is too heavy or too crowded on a mobile screen, it will not get proper reach as expected. A professional team will make sure your website is mobile friendly.

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To further generate business, make sure your website is easily discoverable make sure it is search engine optimized. Add your office premises on google places. Social media is a tool for free publicity and a means to reach out to your customers. Create an account on yelp and trip advisor to get ratings from your customers. It can also be a great learning place as you get reviews. Create a fan base of your regulars on facebook and twitter.You can hold a contest on these social platforms for further reach. To promote your business, offer special discount coupons or deals through group on. To make sure your customers never miss any special events, offer to sign up for a newsletter.

Getting a website can help you redefine your brand and establish a niche place in the highly competitive market. For more information on web services, website planning and graphic design, please visit www.theemojimedia.com


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